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Burma's long and often bloody struggle for democracy and freedom is one that has been fought for more than 60 years.

In 1962 a military coup led by General Ne Win seized power in Burma and brought an end to the glimmer of hope for democracy that the people of Burma had since the country was granted it's independence in 1948. Since then successive authoritarian military regimes have ruled the country through fear, intimidation and policies tantamount to crimes against humanity that have seen thousands arbitrarily detained or forced into exile, villages burned in ethnic states and genocide and torture become state policy.

Widespread peaceful uprisings have been brutally quashed, thousands have been jailed for their political activities and beliefs and many more have been forced to flee into exile because of their acts of defiance against a regime that tolerates no opposition to its rule. But despite the nature of rule imposed on the people of Burma, over the years thousands of brave dissidents and defenders have stood up in defiance of the successive dictatorships and fought a non-violent revolution for democracy and human rights.

In exile and still inside Burma the non-violent revolution for change continues.

This ongoing long term project both inside Burma as well as in exile, will document dissidents and human rights defenders still leading the fight against the ruling military regime in the quest to bring freedom to their country.

NB: For security reasons a number of dissidents cannot be shown publicly for fear of retribution from the authorities
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