FLEEING THE FRONTLINE { 35 images } Created 25 Apr 2011

On 2nd June 2009 the Burmese army along with it's military proxy the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), launched a major offensive against the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). Thousands of ethnic Karen already displaced from their villages having fled previous attacks from the Burmese army and now living in 'Ler Per Her' IDP camp were forced to flee across the border into Thailand as the DKBA bombarded the camp with mortar rounds.

Within three days of the fighting erupting, more than 3,500 refugees, mainly women and children, had crossed the border seeking refuge, many fleeing to escape the threat of forced recruitment as porters. With assistance from local NGO's temporary shelters were established in Noh Boh and Mae Usu, just 2kms from the border and an ever escalating conflict between the Burmese army and the KNLA.
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