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Shot two months after Burma's 'Saffron Revolution', this photo-story documents the places where people were shot and killed, places where major incidents occurred or show the result of the ongoing repression after the protests. Based on the Human Rights Watch report "Crackdown: Repression of the 2007 Popular Protests in Burma", all quotes used in the captions are from the people who were there and act as witness statements to accompany the images that now show just blank ordinary places that hide a recent dark past.

In an unannounced move overnight on 15th August 2007 the Burmese authorities doubled the price of fuel and raised the price of natural gas by 500%. The already impoverished nation was immediately brought to a complete standstill. Growing discontent amongst ordinary Burmese people regarding the disastrous economic situation the country was in had been building for some time with sporadic small protests occurring throughout 2007 being the first for more than a decade. This latest act by the regime would provide the spark for what would become known as 'The Saffron Revolution'.

Initially lead the '88 Generation Students' group with peaceful walking protests through the streets of Rangoon, the protests grew and soon the revered Buddhist monks became involved after an incident in Pakkoku where protesting monks were beaten by the authorities. The 88 Generation Student leaders were arrested but the protest movement had grown and culminated in September with more than 100,000 people marching through the streets of Rangoon being lead by thousands of monks.

On 26th September the military reacted and a bloody crackdown ensued with hundreds being shot, beaten and killed. The authorities started the search for anyone who had been involved. Night-time raids on monasteries and houses saw thousands detained with many more forced to flee to the border or go into hiding. With the Saffron Revolution crushed, fear and intimidation ruled once again.
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