POLITICAL PRISONERS FREED FROM INSEIN { 29 images } Created 29 Jan 2012

For more than 20 years the plight of Burma's political prisoners has shocked the world. At 6.00pm on Thursday 12th January the Burmese government announced on state media that "For the sake of state peace and stability, national consolidation and to enable everyone to participate in the political process and on humanitarian grounds, the government will grant amnesty to 651 prisoners so that they can take part in nation building". Just over 12 hours later and finally after years behind bars, nearly 300 political prisoners walked free from prison including Burma's famed 88 Generation Students and many ethnic and opposition party leaders.

Burma's most notorious prison and home to more political prisoners than any other in Burma, Insein prison saw scenes of jubilation outside its main gates as political prisoners were freed and reunited with friends and family, many after being incarcerated for decades for their political activities and beliefs.

As change starts to sweep through Burma, these men and women now stand ready to help shape the future of their country and despite the threat of re-arrest and oppression form the authorities, will continue to carry out their activities and promote their political beliefs that saw them jailed before.
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