THAILAND: NUPO REFUGEE CAMP { 31 images } Created 14 Dec 2010

Six hours drive south of Mae Sot and situated in the leafy jungle of Umphang District just 8kms from the border with Burma, lies Nu Po refugee camp. Noh Poe as it is also often called, means "small lake" in Karen and is home to almost 15,000 people who have fled their native Burma. The camp was set up in March 1997 after a major offensive during which the Burma Army took control of Duplaya District in Karen State.

For the former political prisoners who now live here in the POC/PAB section, conditions are extremely tough. Most have been stuck in limbo waiting in the camp for 3 years or more as Thailand's PAB system for registering refugees has ground to a halt since 2007. They are officially un-recognised as refugees and are now left to play the waiting game for resettlement to a third country left to live as stateless people.
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